【Shop News】当社は、経営革新計画承認企業となりました!

[Shop News] Our company has been approved for management innovation plan!

Hello, this is the J-BOX official store.

We would like to inform you that Kaichi Tokuko Co., Ltd., the company that operates the J-BOX OFFICIAL STORE, has been approved by the Saitama Prefecture Management Innovation Plan as of March 30, 2022. .

Since our company was established in 2016, we have been discovering the traditions and culture that are rooted in Japan's rural areas and unique to those regions, and have provided outdoor education in Japan and experience programs for picture books and picture-story shows for children in China. For example, we have created an ocean culture experience program in the Kakegawa/Shimizu area of ​​Shizuoka Prefecture, which has led to the revitalization of the area.

On the other hand, due to the epidemic of the new coronavirus infection, we have fallen into a situation where we have no choice but to suspend our business. We were required to transform our business and advance into new areas. Among them, by analyzing social issues, we developed and commercialized a cooler box for vaccine delivery. Thanks to all of you, the J-BOX BIO MISSION series has been highly evaluated by vaccination sites, and we have provided it to more than 150 local governments, medical institutions, and logistics companies all over Japan.

In the future, we will carry out our business in accordance with the management innovation plan, so we ask for your continued support and guidance for this store and our company.

April 2022

Huizhi Dekang Co., Ltd.

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