Resumption of occupational vaccination and recent achievements of J-BOX BIO MISSION

Hello, this is the J-BOX official store.

It's already the end of August. Occupational vaccinations, which had been temporarily suspended, have also resumed, and in particular, many universities that have been on standby are expected to start vaccinations at university bases from the end of August or September.

In such a trend, the number of inquiries about our vaccine cooler box "J-BOX BIO MISSION" is increasing.

Most recently hired achievements:

・Health management center of a certain national university in Kyushu

・Fire department in Kansai

・ A certain private school in the metropolitan area

・A certain prefectural police headquarters in Tohoku

There are various usage scenes of "J-BOX BIO MISSION II". It is often used for vaccine storage and transportation within the venue, vaccine exchange between venues, and backup during power outages due to natural disasters.

Apart from the above, we donated two "J-BOX BIO MISSION II" to Meiji University.

University-based vaccination at Meiji University will start on September 1st.

Please see below for details.

I pray that the campus life before corona will return as soon as possible.

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