Typhoon No. 14 hits Kyushu today, and preparations for storms are necessary for storing vaccines

According to the news, Typhoon No. 14 is expected to slowly move north over the sea west of Kyushu on the 16th (Thursday) and turn into an extratropical cyclone near the Tsushima Strait on the afternoon of the 17th (Friday).

From Kyushu to Kinki, the range of rain will spread in the afternoon. Locally developed rain clouds are expected, and it is likely that there will be heavy rain accompanied by thunder. On the Pacific side, such as Shikoku, there will be places where it rains more than 30mm per hour. In the morning, when the rain is in a lull, be prepared by cleaning around the house and preparing a flashlight.

Natural disasters such as power outages, debris flows, and river floods caused by typhoons are not uncommon in Japan during the summer. In addition to protecting human lives and property, I believe that we should be fully prepared for a vaccine for the new coronavirus. As you all know, there is a worldwide shortage of vaccines, and the number of vaccines coming into Japan is not very sufficient.

Therefore, it is one of the challenges for organizations such as local governments, medical institutions, companies, and universities that conduct vaccinations so that expensive and valuable vaccines can be used without waste. In particular, Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, which are currently mainstream, are mRNA vaccines, so temperature control during storage is extremely strict.

News of vaccine disposal due to failure of the outlet or malfunction of the freezer has been featured in the mass media.

We think it would be better to install a cold storage box for vaccines in addition to the normal refrigerator and deep freezer.

Due to the advantages of no power supply and easy movement, if vaccines stored in refrigerators and deep freezers can be moved to cold storage boxes before a typhoon arrives, there will be no need to worry about risks such as temperature rises due to power outages. .

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